Pastor's Welcome

We are a community of imperfect people discovering life to the fullest in Jesus Christ. If you are looking for the perfect church, you'll have to keep looking. If you are looking for a community of grace where you can grow in love for God, others and the world, then we would love to have you join us on the journey.

Blaine Keene

Our Mission and vision

MISSION: To glorify God by connecting imperfect people on a journey to BE, LOVE and SERVE like Jesus. 

VISION: We envision a movement of God multiplying disciples, missional communities and Kingdom influence locally, regionally and globally.

our history

In 1815, Rev. Robert Finley came from Kentucky, and organized the first Methodist Church -- a group of 17 men and women. They met in a log schoolhouse, on the west bank of the Big Darby Creek, one mile south of our town. However, in Winter, the mud roads were so bad, it became necessary for three families to leave this group. They were the builders of the Converse Chapel, four miles west of Plain City.

In 1820, the remaining brethren built a log church 1/2 mile south of here. It was located on the south bank of a run just across the road from the southernmost tip of the old cemetery. Because it resembled a fort, it was called the "Block Church." It was dedicated in 1821 by Rev. Russell Bigelow, first cousin of Isaac Bigelow, founder of Plain City.

By 1842, the old Block Church badly needed repairs. The more progressive brethren wanted to move into Pleasant Valley (as Plain City was once called). This matter caused much controversy. However, a group of rowdy young men quickly solved the problem. One summer night, they completely demolished one whole side of the church. So, for the next six years, the Methodists met in a frame schoolhouse on the east side of the town commons.

In the 1870's the Converse Chapel voted to unite with the Plain City Methodists. So, in 1875, Rev. Benjamin Tressenrider initiated the building of the "Little Red Brick" on this site. Total cost was $4,500.00. Six years later, a red brick parsonage was completed.

Now, "believe it or not", it was the ladies who instigated the building of our present day church. For ten years, the Ladies Auxiliary labored long and hard to raise the first $2,000.00. When Rev. N. A. Palmer arrived in 1900, he promoted the building of this edifice. His motto was, "Everyone should have a brick in the wall."

The cornerstone was laid September 11, 1901 and bears the dates of Plain City's four Methodist Churches: 1820, 1851, 1876 and 1901. 

Time marches on! But even today, dedicated people are carrying on the work of our pioneer ancestors.